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Elizabeth Roman paintings - Acrylic on canvas

ElizabethRoman - Urban Art


Born and raised in Peru Elizabeth Roman live and work in Paris.

She is immersed in the urban art scene from several years but from an early age she found her firsts influences in the Mexican Muralist movement and their artistic, political, and social expression, as well as the color techniques that were popularized in the Pop Art movement. 

She evolves in the world of urban art, the most significant recent art movement which does not have any cultural or geographical  boundaries. With a special visual style Elizabeth Roman feels herself being more and more challenged by a socially involved militant mind, she speaks her mind through her artworks which often have controversial  and provoking context of society with a recurrent social and political message. 

She feels inspired by  the street world and the Urban Culture not included in the traditional world of art and submitted to any academic concept. With flying colors she captures a moment of human nature touching moments of humanity. 

She loves the critical connotations of urban art as social and political aspects even if her style continues to evolve she voluntarily places herself far from the art theories and academic discourse. she feels completely comfortable in the the universe of urban art because  it’s roots are in the ordinary world and everyday reality. She has kept the social message and engaged context of her beginnings looking to engage people emotionally and awaken collective awareness about the society and the world.  

Accepting art as a part of our culture and daily life she feels like many people annoyed by the fact that contemporary art has lost the sense and link whith the social environment often ignored by most contemporary artists, she opted to install a message of peace with the  purpose to build a bridge of between people fighting for peace and against war leaving the last interpretation up to the public.

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