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Themes of Photography

"Wild World"
“The challenge to stay alive”
“No child is illegal” 2018- Acrylic
“Do not disturb - People sharing “
"Sweet freedom"
"where is the love"
“Eternal fairy tale”
"Love makes the difference" SOLD
“So god created shopping”
"The fight never ends"
"The sound of innocence"
"No country for happiness"
"Today it's raining"
"Chronicle of broken dreams" SOLD
“Gansters Paradise"
"Flowers and promises of happiness"
"Smells like happiness "
"No land for sweet dreams"
“Toy soldiers"
"In Memory"
"The end of Paradise way "
"Resistance "
"In the name of love "
"Hard life and roses " SOLD
"War games"
"Somewhere over the darkness"
"It's raining in Paradise"
"So man created violence"
"Don't smile people working"
"Big children don't cry"
"The hope wanted"
"World is not a battlefield"
"Working class Station"
"World's gone mad"
"Street children"
"Guardians of kindness"
"The world for sale"
"Born to be heroes"
"The end of wisdom"
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